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Collin E. Tam, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist

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ICare Tonometer


The Icare tonometer is used in the diagnosis, follow up and screening of glaucoma. High pressure is one of the key indicators of glaucoma, a series of eye diseases that attacks the optic nerve. The Icare Tonometer measures the eye pressure without the use of drops or irritating puffs of air. It is based on a new, patented, induction-based rebound method, which allows intraocular pressure (IOP) to be measured accurately, rapidly and without an anesthetic.

Since single-use probes are used for measurement, so there is no risk of microbiological contamination. Intraocular pressure changes due to the effects of the pulse, breathing, eye movements and body position. Because measurements are taken using a handheld device in fractions of a second, several measurements are needed to obtain an accurate reading and therefore the software is pre-programmed for six measurements.

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